Friday, August 10, 2007

New Blog Section -
I have added a new section of the blog which I call "A few useful resources". It can be found on the right-hand side down below the Links section. This is just a list of some books and training DVD's that I own and have found to be very useful to me in creating digital imagery. The links take you directly to the products in Amazon. I don't get anything for recommending them, it's just where I usually do most of my shopping and they have one of the best layouts for descriptions and reviews for books anywhere on the web. I will add more resources that I think would be helpful in the blogs to come.

New photos coming soon -
I am on vacation as of today, WoooHooo! I am taking the kids to the Prince William County Fair this evening and then I am off to Arizona to hook up with my buddies Scott Kelby and Dave Moser for some photographic hijinks in the northern Arizona canyons. It should be a fantastic trip and I will be sure to post some images as I am able. Until then, Have a great weekend.

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