Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am out in sunny Las Vegas (yes, once again) for the annual PMA trade show. I'll be walking down the rows and rows of photo goodies looking for some new and exciting technology. It has been interesting over the years to see how the show moved from traditional to digital and how fast that transition has taken place. Today you would be hard pressed to say that there are even 10% of the companies there that are showcasing traditional film technology. It's also sad in some ways to have seen the companies that floundered in the tsunami that was digital imaging to the point where they just had to fold up shop and leave. Even the big boys like Kodak and Ilford and Polaroid have all had to reinvent themselves to maintain viability in the marketplace. So once again I will walk down the rows and rows and see what remains of the old and what the future holds for the industry. If I see anything that is just earthshaking I'll post it here.