Monday, August 27, 2007

And now for something completely different -
I am still messing around with my blogger settings to achieve a decent result for my images that I am displaying here. I pulled these two out of mothballs and messed a bit with the curves and saturation levels to try and get them close to what I see on screen during normal viewing (non-blogger). It's very frustrating at times but I am hopeful that someday I will dial in to the right recipe for displaying on the blog page. If anyone has suggestions or knows of a better color managed blog site (free being the optimal word) please let me know. As for these images, they were taken along the San Francisco coast.


sb said...

that would be quite a place to live

hbl said...

Hi, Jeff

In response to your Blogger Help post: I took a look at Butterfly.jpg in the August 5 post and compared with the same image on your gallery site. There definitely is a difference!

On my LCD monitor, the Blogger image is dark and doesn't have the luminous character of the same image reproduced by the Flash Player.

I used Gimp to look at the histograms of Butterfly.jpg and saw they were very low in amplitude. No suprise there but I don't know why that should be.

The default color space for Web images is sRGB,

As an experiment, save the image as a .png and upload directly to your blog from your computer or online storage other than Blogger. Use the alphaImageLoader code shown on Microsoft's support site:

hbl said...

Try the following steps on the butterfly.jpg image to add a contrast mask:

1. Add a layer that is a copy of the image.

2. Desaturate the copy to produce a grayscale image.

3. Invert the colors of the copy to produce a b/w negative.

4. Convert the copy from normal to overlay.

5. Apply gaussian blur as required to optimize sharpness.

6. Merge the layers.

The result is pretty good although the red of the flower wasn't quite the same as on your other site. I also increased the color saturation of the original. Email me if you want to see the result.