Monday, August 06, 2007

Dull & Disappointing -
I am pretty disappointed with the color and brightness of the images in the last post. They didn't look like that when I processed them and even after going back and "lightening" things up and reposting, still not happy. I have added them to my gallery page under the Miscellaneous images. If you want to see them with a little more saturation and with proper shadows and highlights, look here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, I also have found the photos on my blog are quite dull from the originals. I started over saturating them along with more contrast and sharpening to get them to look a little better. It helps but there still not like the ones on my computer.
I like your pano of the Grand Canyou. I did a similar one of Bryce Canyou but did not put it on the blog as I figured no one would be able to see it good enough. If you like you can see some of my work at (
Any way I like your photography and wish you continued good luck.
Steve Metzner, Reno Nevada