Monday, July 09, 2007

Logo Design
I have had several people ask me about my signature logo so I thought I would put up a quick post to tell you how I made it. First, all credit must go to Scott Kelby from who I learned this from in his type class at the last Photoshop World. Who knew that type could be so fascinating.

First of all, you don't need a Wacom tablet to do this. I have a Wacom but chose to go "old school". Just get yourself a fat Sharpie and a piece of paper, write your signature out a few times until you are happy with how it looks, then scan it into Photoshop. Once you have the signature layer, lower the opacity to about 40% or maybe even a little less. Now grab your type tool and put your business name (or whatever you like) right on top of the signature. You can flatten the layers or leave them and save in psd format. It really doesn't matter. Now here is the real key, when you want to place your new logo on the bottom of a gallery print or somewhere else on an image in Photoshop, don't copy and paste it, open it as a smart object in your image by choosing Place... from the File menu. This will allow you to resize the logo and then go back later and resize again if you so choose without worrying about image degredation due to loss of pixel data. That's it, very simple but a really cool effect. And if you want it in black, just invert your image and then do a levels adjustment of your mid-tones to make the signature look just right.

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mike meyer said...

Well it hasn't been shot until you shoot it was something we used to say in school. I don't remember who originated it but one of my fellow students who is now pretty famous is John Huba. I remember him saying it. So lets give him credit. Check out his web site.

Mike Meyer