Saturday, July 07, 2007

Afternoon shoot at Great Falls
I arrived at Great Falls National Park around 3:00 PM and headed out for my afternoon shoot. It was hot (93 degrees) and humid and I had 20 pounds of gear strapped to my back, not to mention the tripod I was carrying by hand. The light was not great this afternoon with a little haze in the air. I wanted to get some good IR shots but nothing really worked out from the overlook points. I decided to climb down to the water level and try some different angles. You can't really tell from the images but the climb down can be anywhere from 50 to 100 feet, depending on where you want to get to. I started near the falls which is the easier climb down. An hour or so later I had climbed back up and moved down river to where the reflecting pool shots were taken. This is almost 100 feet down and it took me about 45 minutes to negotiate the boulders and rock to get there. The only thing worse than the climb down, was going back up again. If nothing else, I got my exercise for the day.


Howard Grill said...

Hi Jeff....I just discovered your blog as a link from Photoshop Insider. Wonderful shots you have posted here!

ostman said...

Great work, Jeff. I'm enjoying your site.

I'm a southern Pennsylvania resident, so I enjoy Great Falls on occasion. Love your shots!

I have some on my site. One of my favorites:

You can see some others on

Thanks for sharing; I'm looking forward to following your site.


ostman said...

I can see my url didn't work. Go to the Themes page of the Visual Realia site, and click on "The Tree" - first black and white entry.

You can then click on the "next" links to move through the others.