Monday, May 14, 2007

St. Louis

I was in St. Louis all last week for a conference but I did manage to get a little walking around time. I was hopeful that I would find some great scenery to shoot but all I could muster was a couple of shots of the arch and the Eads bridge. It's a nice city but a little short on photo opportunities as can be attested to by my van mates. They serve a great steak at Morton's though so it wasn't a total bust of an evening (shout out to Mike, Don, Vinnie, and Scott who will never let me lead a photo expedition again).

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mike meyer said...

We still love ya man. Good shots all around. I will take some blame for distracting your GPS reading. But that Vinny guy was just way too funny to pay attention to anything. Remember Scott, always order the meat with the bone.